Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mag Love 2 - C. Teta

Tena's got a new Sevenfold ad. Photo by David Stuck. Chegggiit.

On a different note, those of you who are in town, go see the Axion team as they all mob up to Vu Skateshop tomorrow (Friday). This might be the illest deathsquad out! Peep all their

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ketchin' up with Spencer B.

Other than Gary Smith, when I think of Baltimore skateboarding the name Spencer Brown comes to mind. Spencer's held it down hard here and has recently moved to Cali, so I got to catch up with him and did this little interview. He's been crushin' it out there.

So you recently made the mission out west... let the readers know where you’ve been kickin’ it.

I’ve been staying at my homies house in Vista, which is just north of San Diego... I'm about 5 minutes away from the fkd/ silver trucks warehouse, so I usually just go down there and chill, skate, and ect...

So what’s a day in the life like for you out there?

It's been kind of random lately. I've been back and forth from SD to LA lately on film missions. I have been trying to take advantage of my time out here and just put in as much work as possible.

Have u been able to hit up Super Bronco yet?

Haha, no I haven’t.

Have you been taking advantage out of any of the burrito or taco spots out there? I seem to remember you’re not much of a taco bell dude though, hah.

Yea man a bunch of the homies put me on to some real authentic Mexican food. That real good shit that you can't find anywhere on the east coast. There's this spot down the street called Alberto’s. I try and hit that up a couple times a week. And yea I can't stand taco bell.

Hahah well, Alberto's sounds legit... So to switch gears here... I think everyone in the right mind around here knows why you decided to go out west, but what are some things that you miss about Baltimore?

Wow there's a lot but of course I miss skating with all the people I grew up with, the lyric and just the vibe you get. Baltimore is a grimy ass place but I just am so used too it that it feels weird not being their.

That east coast rugged struggle style...

Yea that east coast shit!

Yeah you’ve got east coast in your blood and skateboarding and it shows through. Who are some east coast skaters that you’ve always been hyped on?

PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, and Stevie Williams.

All who made the same move you did too... the treck out west. So you been reppin’ mad Bmore fitteds out there?

Yea you already know. I went to Lids and picked up three fresh ones before I left. I don't care where I'm at I will always be reppin Bmore. Yea man I want to get my shine but really, I just want people to know about Baltimore and what we got going on over there.

Do fools out there even know where Baltimore is on the map? I’m not being entirely literal, but I know when I was out there a lot of people knew jack shit about the east coast except where NYC was.

Haha, yea it’s kind of funny to me because I will always see little kids out here at the parks, and they’re rockin’ an O's cap. I asked one of them why and he just said, " I like the orange.” But I think the wire put us on the map cause’ people always ask me if it's as bad as they make it look on the show.

Yeah? It’s a true ass show, man.

Yea man it definitely is. Shit is no joke in the streets.

All right man, I guess that’ll conclude this “interview”...

All right, Cool man

Is there anything else you want to add or touch up on? Or even some shit you want to shout out?

I just want to shout out to all the real Baltimore heads that are doing everything they can to make a better scene. Shout out to all my homies and fuck you to all the whack dudes that make Baltimore look bad.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the ridge is hot

Chris skates only the best obstacles the ridge has to offer


Rob switch ollie from flat

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gnarly video for a Gnarly premiere

3 Ride shop's video DAYUM is out. Plenty of copies to go around I hear. Lot of these dudes will be seen in the Barefoot video as well. This video has good skateboarding and a lot of flavor and needs to be added to the skate video shelf... or the unorganized dvd collection pile beneath your broken dvd player.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

West Coast Shit Crib

The Shit Crib is the current Baltimore skatehouse. Not Baltimore at all, but if you haven't heard about this video, heres the trailer. I had the pleasure to meet and skate with most of these dudes when I went out to San Diego to visit Austin, while staying at the former SHUFFL skatehouse. These guys SHRED and the video is going to be nuts. Check out their website and blog. They update it more than I update this.